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Extract buildResponseHeaders Method

As noted on the open header issue raised by another user, parsing headers is broken for headers that may have multiple values. For example, a Symfony or Laravel application that sets two cookies, thus creating two `Set-Cookie` headers in the response. The last `Set-Cookie` header will be the only one included in the response.

While this does not fix that bug, which would be a larger breaking change since each header key would need to be an array of values, it does extract the header parsing logic into a separate method so that users may customize and thus fix the logic in their own applications if needed until a fix is provided in a major version.

Currently, I have to fix this behavior by overriding the entire `send` method.
Taylor Otwell GitHub 1 year ago
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@@ -291,15 +291,25 @@ class Responder extends Connection

$pos = strpos($responseOutput, "\r\n\r\n");
$headers = substr($responseOutput, 0, $pos);

$this->buildResponseHeaders(substr($responseOutput, 0, $pos));

return $this->_responseOutput = substr($responseOutput, $pos + 4);

* Build the response header array.
* @param string $headers The response header string
* @return void
protected function buildResponseHeaders($headers)
foreach (explode("\r\n", $headers) as $header) {
$semicolon = strpos($header, ':');
$this->_responseHeaders[strtolower(trim(substr($header, 0, $semicolon)))]
= trim(substr($header, $semicolon + 1));

return $this->_responseOutput = substr($responseOutput, $pos + 4);