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Hoa is a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries. Moreover, Hoa aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds.


This repository contains Vim tools for the PP grammar description language from the PHP Hoa\Compiler library:

  • File type plugin,
  • File type detection,
  • File syntax and,
  • Color scheme.


With Vundle, to include this plugin into your Vim plugins, you need to require hoaproject/Contributions-Vim-Pp (in your plugin list file):

Plugin 'hoaproject/Contributions-Vim-Pp'

Then, in the Vim command mode (press Esc):

:source %

Quick usage

Just open a PP file in Vim, nothing special to do! For instance, try the hoa://Library/Compiler/Llk/Llk.pp file:

The plugin in action


Different documentations can be found on the website:


Hoa is under the New BSD License (BSD-3-Clause). Please, see LICENSE.