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Hoa is a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries. Moreover, Hoa aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds.


This repository contains tools for the PP grammar description language from Hoa\Compiler.

It provides a major mode for editing PP grammars with the following features:

  • Syntax coloration,
  • Auto-indentation,
  • Imenu support.

PP Major mode screenshot


If you have setup MELPA or MELPA stable repositories, type M-x package-install hoa-pp-mode.

If you want to install it by hand, you must first install names.

Then, clone this repository on your computer.

git clone hoa-pp-mode

Finally, add this code in your Emacs configuration:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/hoa-pp-mode")
(require 'hoa-pp-mode)

Quick usage

Simply open a .pp file with Emacs. hoa-pp-mode will automatically be enabled.


Different documentations can be found on the website:


Hoa is under the New BSD License (BSD-3-Clause). Please, see LICENSE.