Project to illustrate an "all markdown" and git approach for code, wiki, roadmap milestones and the tickets that lead to them
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All Markdown Project Setup Demonstrator

This is an illustrator project without any real code inside.

See Wiki via its link in the navigation bar above or on the left, why this was done and what it is meant to show.

(The links above had to be presented as direct links to GitLab and the mirror sites, while Bitbucket doesn’t seem to have a stable link to the latest issues and roadmap file. There may be other mirrors of this repository to show how they interact with other services.)

This project is meant to demonstrate, how the gap between the Mercurial, GIT, or other DVCS approach to have your code repository with history and branches local to your system while the project documentation wiki is remote as is the issue tracker.

With the usual setup you would not be able to commit in disconnected situations, since you would not be able to dig out the issue reference to mention in your commit message. Likewise you cannot brain-dump the documentation notes immediately as you write the code since the wiki to hold that is remote.

Besides: Its really faster to get to the real work of writing notes and processing issues - like we should get the code written instead of loosing time in the mere access to the tools we’d like to use.